About Us


Under one roof we can serve multipurpose product & services, where we offer discount through e-Smart Shoppy & E-Pay to an Indian Industries, Markets & Peoples with the co-operation of our register participators.




e-net  has  introduced  “E-Pay”  to promote  “ e-Smart  Shoppy”  unique  concept  in Indian Market, e-net cover all major segment  categories,  Like I.T, Medicals,  Investments, Insurances,  Finance, Pharma, Chemical, Engineering,  Textile,  Advertisers,  Hotel Industries, Food Industries, Education and  other Small – Medium - Micro Enterprises etc., covering all segments and having a national reach. This concept is introduced by e-net groups. e-Smart Shoppy aim to create Business to Business (B2B) & Business to Customer (B2C) tool for the all.

The E-Pay also give local businesses a low coast advertising opportunity and a way to participate in the loyalty business model, meaning customers who receive great deals along with great service often will remain loyal to that business and return in the future. Bringing in new business is often costly. Retaining customers is far more inexpensive. With the E-Pay promotion, retailers discover a great way to earn new business affordably and to renew that business over and over. At the same time, local consumers are saving money, and participate organization is raising money for a great cause.

We realized that people love saving money on products they were already going to buy anyway so we decided to concentrate all of our efforts on securing those kinds of deals for all of our E-PAy products. We know people will buy a product annually if it makes sense so we decided to work harder and smarter to secure better discounts from places you already shop.

Advertising can be one of the largest expenses that a company has to deal with. So when an opportunity comes along, they love it. Advertising on these cards brings in new customers and repeat business.  Though  they  are  often  happy  to  advertise,  we  do  work  hard  to negotiate the best possible deal that we can for our customers.

Discount  card, Gift voucher  and Discount  voucher  in India can be defined  as a mode  of transfer  in the form  of gift or salary  or incentives  (towards  employee,  friends  etc).  This replaces cash and allows the receiver to purchase service or products from certain places (malls,  showrooms,  bazaars  etc)  within  a  particular  geographic  location  (say  India)  as specified on the card/ voucher.

This mode of transfer is used by corporate bodies, employees and people from many other fields in the form of prepaid gift cards, gift vouchers etc for various beneficial reasons.